The touchdown pass is arguably the most exciting advancement ever to grace the football gridiron. The QBs on this website are the best to do it, as evidenced by their inclusion on the top 10 list of TD passes. Select one of the QBs from the table below or the nav above to see their TD passes broken down by different variables.

Rank QB TDs
1 Tom Brady 713
2 Drew Brees 608
3 Peyton Manning 579
4 Brett Favre 552
5 Aaron Rodgers 498
6 Ben Roethlisberger 454
7 Dan Marino 452
8 Philip Rivers 437
9 Matt Ryan 390
10 Eli Manning 384

TDs by Opponent

TDs by Week

TDs by Receiver

TDs by Distance

If you only count yards gained on passes that went for TDs, the top 10 QBs has accumulated 93,447 yards. That's more passing yards than Rex Grossman (11,015) threw in his entire career.